JPMorgan/Chase download process change has broken other Quicken connections

:# I worked with a Quicken rep that said the Quicken and Chase and Quicken and BankAmerica migration in connection methods is not going as planned. I just recently followed instructions to change our download process from Chase. As a result, the Chase process incorrectly captured and changed the sign download source, incorrectly identifying a long time Fidelity Investment Account (still is an active) a capturing it as a Chase account and incorrectly loading Chase data into the Fidelity Account. We went through several iterations of restoring validated backup files that I regularly store manually and the Chase process continues to hit the Fidelity Accounts as well. The migration of the download process at Charles Schwab went equally poorly, but I did not experience the cross identification of non-related accounts. Quicken is not the value it once was.


  • denise
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    I had a similar experience with my Ally checking account, which got hijacked by a Chase credit card account having the same last four digits. I was able to clean up the Ally account by deleting the downloaded Chase tx, deactivating online services for the account, removing the account number under the General tab, and then reactivating online services, making sure to select AllyBank as the institution.
  • MoneyBags007
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    I think I understand your steps towards the solution. I am trying to create a completely new non-Chase account in off-line mode. Moving transactions over to the new account. Then going back into the intended/correct financial institution and capturing my account with the activation. I think your idea sounds cleaner... I had already started the process but now have instigated a rather lengthy, and still continuing, file validation. Oh, poor me ;-)
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