Reauthorizing Chase Investment accounts eliminated Chase bank connections

This morning I was required to reauthorize my Chase Investments accounts from Direct Connect to Express Web Connect+.

Having already done this with Chase Bank accounts, I went through the steps to do this, since the "Reauthorize" button didn't work. I deactivated the three accounts in Quicken, also removing the identifying information in the General section, and Activated one of the Investment accounts.

It went to the Chase web site, I went through the steps, and then was able to link the three existing investment accounts in Quicken to the three Chase investment accounts. Transactions actually appeared! I thought I was home free.

However, I then discovered that my Chase connection for my three checking/savings accounts was no longer there, even though in Quicken the three accounts are still set up for Express Web Connect +.

So, once again, I went into the queue for Quicken telephone support.

I ended up having to reauthorize the bank accounts, for probably the 4th time since this began.