BoA Reconciliation Problem - what's the latest please?

Like all Quicken/BoA users, I saw reconciliation break a few months ago. Now I never see accurate reconciliations. I have to look in my account and manually post all pending transactions into Quicken and then falsely check them as reconciled. A total pain as we all agree. Will this ever go back to the way it used to work?


  • acteegarden
    This is my finding, also. One account will reconcile easily and then another will not and when I check an expenditure, the ball will spin and spin and then when I move to another place the check will disappear and then I have to place another check mark on it. It's impossible. I've used an older version of Quicken for years and loved it. This one is very disgusting.

    The other version of Quicken that I used would allow me to easily go back and see what was in history on accounts. This one does not do that very easily.
  • bmduncan33
    That isn't my issue I don't think. I'm using the latest Quicken but something broke with Bank of America and reconciliations. Now every time I sync with my bank I end up having to spend a lot of time getting the reconciliation to work. It's brutal.
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