Downloaded Canadian transactions imported as US dollars

Yellow*Meeple050 Member
When I try to import transactions from the new Manulife Visa website, Quicken sees the transactions as being from a new credit card in US dollars.

The issue definitely comes from Manulife. I manually downloaded a Quicken Web Connect (QFX) file.   When I viewed the file in a text editor (Windows Notepad) I noticed that the value for the currency variable <CURDEF> is set to "USD".  If I change this valve from USD to CAN, Quicken imports the transactions in Canadian dollars.

Quicken still thinks this is a new account.  I believe this is because the value for the account number variable <INTU.USERID> in the download file is different from my actual Visa account number.  Luckily, once the currency is altered to Canadian dollars, Quicken will let me import these transactions into an account already created.  I only need to redirect the transactions into the existing account once.  From then on, Quicken will automatically insert the transactions into the existing account.

While I have found a work around, it is not ideal.  I need to manually go into each transaction download file and change the currency variable to CAN.  If I neglect to do this, the existing account will change to US dollars.  I then need to restore a backup file and start over.

Hope this helps some other Canadian Quicken users!
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