Gray line on cash flow report under some subcats

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Is there any way to remove a faint gray line under some of my sub cats that shows up on screen print and pdf? It is not the bold lines for the totals of the category just random subcategories. Running win online version release r43.32. Thank you.


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    You mean the gray separator line which appears after every 3rd detail line, e.g., in this image:
    On reports with subtotals, the gray line does not appear after every 3rd printed line. It appears only if you have 3 or more detail lines together.
    This line is supposed to help you read the report without losing the line you're looking at. It's similar to the old "green bar" mainframe computer paper from decades ago.
    On some low resolution printers this line is too thin to print.
    AFAIK, there's no way to remove the line on screen or on paper.
    For an experiment, if you wish to get something that looks like the old green bar paper, go into Edit / Preferences / Reports only (or click the "[Aa]" icon in the report view.
    With a report view open, enable "Alternate row color", click OK.

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