Quicken 2000 on Windows 10/64

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I have been running quicken 2000 for probably 20 years, it has come with me from Windows 8 thru to earlier versions of Windows 10. However due to a system crash I have tried to reinstall but fails even inn safe mode. Any ideas how to get round this?

PS I have tried later versions but stayed with 2000 as it suited me better.


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    You should at least try to convert to the 2013 version since you don’t use any online services or download transactions now. Starting in 2014 they instituted an ID password to get into your own data. I’m staying on 2013. I have it on Windows 10.  You might have a little learning curve but it is great.  I got used to it and really like it now.  

    You can download 2013 Deluxe for free using this how to convert article.  It’s under Converting from Quicken 2004-2009.

    FYI - All Quicken versions prior to QW2010 store your data in a series of files all sharing the same filename but with different extensions like - .IDX, .QEL, .QPH & .QDF, and all 4 of those files were rolled into a single-file .QDF in starting in 2010.

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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