Managing Family Member Funds

Hello! I recently switched over from QuickBooks after several years of use, but the price was just too much for what our small business was doing and quicken seemed more appropriate. Unfortunately, I am finding those little quirks that was very nice like I had my mother in law set up as a different account and it was kept easily away from our personal and business activities. Well, I tried this in Quicken and it doesn't work and was pulling her finances into all our reports so I have since deleted her account. I really need to manage her account so is there a separate way to do this in Quicken or do I have to purchase and setup for her? I worry if I do have to download another quicken program will that clash with the other program that is downloaded on my laptop?



  • bmciance
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    No need for another program.  Just create another data file for her finances. This will keep everything separate. 
  • volvogirl
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    Go up to File-New Quicken file.  You can have many different separate Data Files.  Then each Data File will have their own Accounts in it.  Give it a unique name like Moms File.  You can only have 1 file open at a time.  Then to switch between them go up to menu File and the files should be listed at the bottom.  Just click on the other file.

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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