Which BoA "Add Account" Selection?

kerrydeare Member ✭✭
When I initially set up One Step Update and added accounts (I was basically starting a new file although I am a Quicken user since 1990 or so), I was only able to add BoA checking accounts successfully by using "Bank of America Credit Card." This did not make very much sense but it was the only route that got the job done.

Recently since the BoA/Quicken EWC+ changes (which appear to have eliminated the two-step verification requirement), I looked into re-adding my BoA accounts using "Bank of America - Quicken." This appears to have worked now, even though it did not do so in the past (at least for me). To get to the point, what is the difference between "BoA - All Other States" and "BoA - Quicken"? Or is there really any difference?
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