Can't backup anymore on my Windows computer.

hswcb Member
It says "unable to open source file". I don't know what that means.


  • miklk
    miklk SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    That normally means your data file is being backed up by a program like Dropbox or Microsoft One Drive (newer computer sometimes set up by default)

    You can pause them and do backup.

    Quicken suggests data file should be in default Documents/Quicken to avoid these kind of problems and possible corruption.

    If above us not the case, anti virus can sometimes cause that too
  • hswcb
    hswcb Member
    First - I don't know how to "pause" Dropbox or One Drive. I tried to back up to my computer's Documents/Quicken file and still got the same message: "Unable to Open Source File"
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