Allow eBills to connect daily

A number of ebills under Bills & Income > Payees, including BofA and Barclays show a red circle with a tooltip saying:

Your eBill provider is preventing Quicken from connecting... requires a one-time verification code to link to your accounts.

I have connected multiple times to get a one-time verification code, and then it works for that day, but the next day I get the same error. Note that updating accounts do not require a verification code every day. For account updates, I went through the verification code process once when adding the accounts, but for some reason the eBills seems to require it every day.

Anyone else seeing this? Any way to not have to go through the "one-time verification" process daily?


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    I experience the same problem with Bank of America and Quicken Bill Manager. I have been a BofA and quicken customer for over 20 years. Very annoying!! And I find it odd that Googling this error produces almost no relevant searches. "Bank of America requires a one-time verification code to link to your accounts." I also believe this affects scheduling Quick Pay payments when paying BofA credit cards from BofA Verified Bill Manager account. Paying BofA credit cards with Quick Pay / BofA verified account fails.
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    If your bank recently required you to reauthorize your account and/or your bank has changed from "Direct Connect" to either "Express Web Connect" or "Express Web Connect+" you can no longer use Online Bill Pay direct to the bank or Quicken Bill Manager's Quick Pay function. The banks no longer support this function through Quicken.

    BofA is one of these banks.


    1. Use Quicken Bill Manager's Check Pay
    2. Logon to the bank's website and make your bill pay payments from the bank. In parallel to that, in Quicken use a regular Scheduled Reminder to record your payment.
    3. Logon to the biller's website and set up their Autopay, APS, Direct debit, etc. to make the current payment and/or all future payments on Due Date directly from your checking account. In parallel to that, in Quicken use a regular Scheduled Reminder to record your payment.
    4. Write (or print with Quicken) a paper check and mail it to the biller, making sure to mail payment early enough (around 10 days) to allow time for delivery and processing.
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    This thread is about linking and downloading eBills. It does not involve paying the bill online.
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