what is latest QWin - R43.32 vs R44.xx

Russ Donovan
Russ Donovan Member ✭✭
I just updated my security prices and Quicken said there is a new update available. But when I tried to apply it, it said I already have the latest version! My current version shows as R43.32. Has anyone else seen this behavior? Does anyone know the version number of the current version?


  • mrzookie
    mrzookie Member ✭✭✭✭
    The newest version, 44.23, is being pushed in staged (some would say beta) release. When they get the target number of users, they pull it to prevent further downloads. You probably got to it after that point. Same thing happened to me, although I wouldn't have installed it anyway. 43.32 is the latest "production" release. There was another one in the middle, 44.20, but it's apparently been pulled bc of problems. 
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