Downloading bank transactions replaces register entries "Date" instead of using "Posting Date"

tdub Member ✭✭
Note, my bank ( is using Express Web Connect. It appears that new transaction downloads are REPLACING the "Date" field of matched entries in addition to the "Posting Date" field.

I enter almost all checking account transactions manually via manual bill reminders or directly in the register. Over the past couple weeks when I "Update" (download) transactions from my bank, it will replace the date that I entered on a transaction, with the date of a downloaded transaction that it auto-matched (even if the match is incorrect and I correct the match).

E.g. today I downloaded transactions, and it replaced the "Date" (which was 9/30) of a transaction in the register to today's date (10/5) of a newly-downloaded transaction. That was not too big of a deal, but over the weekend I did this, and it incorrectly matched an old register entry from over a month ago (even though it was marked as "Reconciled") to a new transaction and replaced the Date field with the date of the new transaction. It seems like it is incorrectly replacing the "Date" field instead of just using/replacing the "Posting Date" field????

This is new behavior that I've only seen in the past few weeks. I've stopped using a checking account paper register, so I can't easily change these Dates back to what they should have been, especially if it does this for transactions that are over a month old.
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