Set Up Transfer or EFT of a “refund”

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  • I paid with Visa card a travel expense deposit to travel operator. Then the scheduled trip was cancelled. Tour operator gave back the $1000 deposit to Visa (who paid the deposit) instead of me. Then Visa would not give me back the $1,000 in lump sum since I owed Visa for ongoing regular expenses like groceries, gas, insurance, etc. If Visa would have given me a cash check back, I could have deposited check and credited the "prepaid Travel" account and all would show up on profit and loss report correctly.

    How can I set up transfer or EFT in quicken to get the $1,000 debited to the correct expense account? (groceries, gas, insurance premiums, etc.) Thanks for any help, Robert T
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    Will the VISA refund be credited on your VISA statement each month?  Just categorize the credit to the prepaid travel account each month.  How are you entering your credit card charges and payments?  

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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