Quicken Now Supports Crypto - Sort Of

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It is hard to find, but Quicken now supports Crypto Symbols, such as:
INDEX:NQETH for Ethereum, possibilities also include INDEX:NYXBT and INDEX:ETHUSD200. For Bitcoin, you can use INDEX:NQBT. I would like someone to tell me about other tokens, such as VeChain and VETHOR. To get precise results you probably want to enable 8 decimal digits for quotes vs. the default 6 by going to Preferences>Investments. To enter them in the security list remember the prefix INDEX: and after you create the security edit the security and change the security type to CRYPTO. I have no idea if Quicken does anything else to support crypto. Tag your submission as "Crypto Currency".


  • Please add: where to find crypto symbols that can be used with Quicken. Also whether there is anything in Quicken beyond allowing for 8 decimal digits on quotes and the new Security Type "Crypto Currencies".
  • adamnash
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    Thank you for posting this. INDEX:NQBT and INDEX:NQETH work for me (Quicken Mac), although it annoyingly changed the security name when I added it (had to change it back).

    +1 on finding the complete list of crypto currency prices supported!
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    You can test to see what quotes are available by clicking the "Add Security" button and start typing the security name or symbol (pair)  preceded with an "^" ie: "^BTCUSD" brings up the following: (see attached image)
    Clearly, quotes are not available for all coins. For example I have coin ranked ~#84 on CoinGecko and no quote is available via Quicken.
    Happy hunting!

  • emhamiltn
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    Also, in regards to decimal precision in Quicken, we're stuck with only 8 decimal places at maximum.  Apparently the developers never paid gas fees on Ethereum transactions to moved coins from a hardware wallet to an exchange, because they can go well beyond the 8 decimal place limit. So again, Quicken has only 'Sort of" added support for crypto.
  • Eldo678
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    I was just able to update my Ethereum using this symbol from another poster. INDEX:NQETH
  • just_matt
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    > @emhamiltn said:
    > You can test to see what quotes are available


    Thanks! I've been trying to figure out how to add Dogecoin for the last hour, and your comment got me there. Cheers!
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