Bank of America Account Re-Authorization for Quicken EWC+

I've read all of the posts here on BOA re authorization issues but still need help.

I'm a very-experienced, long time Quicken user. (My first Quicken file was saved on a floppy disk.) and have been successfully using a Direct Connect connection with BOA for at least 15 years.

I chose to re-authorize my BOA Visa-Card account when prompted by Quicken, and this process appeared to work. However, it didn't. Rather in created a new BOA Visa account in Quicken and downloaded a bunch (some duplicate) transactions into this account.

Yes, I saved a backup of my Quicken file before I began the re-authorization! So, I restored from this backup, manually added a few duplicate new transactions to my original BOA file. And, I've since balanced it, so it's in good shape.

While I've read other's reports of similar problems, I've not seen a solution to mine. Before I try again, I'd appreciate any suggestions.




  • AtlantaBill
    Correction: "I manually added a few NEW transactions."
  • Rocket J Squirrel
    Rocket J Squirrel SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Whether a new account is created is under your control. You must LINK the online account to your Quicken account. I did the conversion this morning and it worked perfectly, but I had to pay attention.

    Quicken user since version 2 for DOS, now using QWin Biz & Personal Subscription (US) on Win10 Pro.

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