Since the Chase Update, the Initial Quicken Login Process does not Update Accounts

Gus Hog
Gus Hog Member
Since the Chase Update, the Initial Quicken Login Screen/Process does not Update any of My Linked Chase Accounts. I have to go to the Register of any Linked Chase Account and click the Gear in the Upper Right Corner and then select "Update Now" to trigger the Updates for my Chase Accounts. This actually updates every Chase Account at once no matter which Account Register I selected.. The Initial Login Screen is now effectively useless. Is this by Design?


  • UKR
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    "Update Now" always updates all accounts with that bank, regardless of which register you selected.
    Please go into Tools / One Step Update, enter the Vault Password and click on Settings (do NOT press Enter to actually start OSU).
    When in the Settings panel, check to see that the bank is checkmarked to be included in OSU.
    Click Apply to save changes.
    Click Update Now to run OSU.
  • Gus Hog
    Gus Hog Member
    The Bills I have entered on my Chase.Com App to be paid were uploaded to to show in my Quicken Register and were Marked "Sent" upon their entry. That is no longer happening with One Step Update. Nothing gets marked "Sent" anymore. I now have to enter those Manually in Quicken.
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