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Chase Integration Quality Issues

random49y#z- Member ✭✭
Twice now the new Chase integration has download duplicate transactions for an entire month (first August, now September). I am having to go row by row and identify the duplicates and remove them. This is a MASSIVE waste of my time.

The entire reason I use this product for personal finance is to ensure that I don't overlook suspicious transactions. How can I do this effectively with so much "noise in the signal"?

I won't take this opportunity to complain about the Pending transactions...that's well documented elsewhere. I'll just give my "+1" to all of it. :(

Can we please fix the quality issues?


  • random49y#z-
    random49y#z- Member ✭✭

    I have a bit more info to offer in case anyone is looking into this. It appears that for my Chase Amazon Prime card, the only transactions that are duplicated are purchases I made at Whole Foods. All of the transactions are not being duplicated.

    I have a second chase card - Sapphire Preferred - but I cannot discern any patterns with the duplicates. It doesn't seem like ALL of them are, but it's more than half.

    I'm wondering if it's card present vs. card not present, though...
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