Budget amount keeps changing for categories every month

Buyan Kumar
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Hi Guys,
I have created budget categories and set amounts for each category like phone bills, kids' expenses. When I see it for a month say June, the amounts say 200$ for each month. but if I look for July, it says 250$ and the amounts keep changing. So here are my questions.
1. How can I keep my category budget amount fixed no matter what month I see?
2. Also I want to see only the budgeted categories with budget and actuals only and not other categories. I could not see any reports which show it and so how do I view it?


  • UKR
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    Are you working with the Budget views, either the Graph View or the Annual View?
    What feature level of Quicken are you using? Starter Edition, Deluxe or higher?
    After you have set the budget amounts for a month, have you copied that month's amount forward and/or backward over the remaining months of the year?

    You can do that using the Annual View. Click on the column header for the month to open this popup and select from the options shown. This will copy a budgeted categories with one click.
    To copy an individual category's budget amount using the Annual View click to select the monthly budget amount field for a category. Next to the Category name a gear icon will appear. Click it and select from the popup's "Apply budget ..." options to change this category's budget amounts for the year.
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