Portfolio Side Bar total does not match to Market Value

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I just changed brokerages, from Edward Jones to Ameriprise. Upon adding a new Sep Ira Account for online download, the issues and shares all came in fine, but the sidebar and market values totals DO NOT match. There is NO cash in the portfolio, only stocks and funds. Both numbers DO NOT accurately match what I see online at my brokerage. The sidebar says my account is worth 19 million! I wish.
Where can I fix this?


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    In Quicken Preferences under the Sidebar tab, which option do you have selected for Displayed Balances - Today's Balance, Projected Balance or Online Balance? If you change the selection, does the balance shown in the sidebar change? Does one of them show the correct value?

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  • Dave1957
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    Thank you for your reply. "Today's balances" is checked.
    However, I've figured out one of the problems: Corporate bonds were downloaded as regular stocks, not "corporate bonds" so that's why my totals are way off. Let me try and adjust those mislabled issues to see if that fixes the issues.
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