Bank of America EWC update

Andrew02467 Member ✭✭
Quicken told me I needed to update four of our six BofA did NOT mention the two mortgage accounts we have with the bank. I did the authentication, the four accounts (2 checking, 2 credit cards) updated with some duplicated transations downloaded, but the history for the two mortage accounts was entirely erased...over 12 years for one and over 8 years for the other. I reverted thankfully to a backup.

I tried to call support...waited 12 min then got someone with a thick accent who took minutes upon minutes to create a ticket, then did not seem to understand at all what I was asking. It was very frustrating. I was trying to get across that even tho' Quicken never mentions it, I did follow what was said online and had switched off internet update for the four accounts explicitly mentioned as needing updates. I did not do that for the two mortgage accounts which then had their histories erased---guess I should have switched them off too. The support person on the phone wanted to go through the Support entries with me...that seemed extraneous to resolving what was going on. I wanted some clarity on what goes on with this EWC conversion and why two of my BofA accounts were not mentioned as needing the conversion to be done on them.

So what's the deal with mortgage accounts in this BofA change?
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