Creating/using accounts as an Executor

Dorothy H
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Long time Quicken Mac user and use online Quicken Deluxe Vs. 6.

I have recently been named executor for a family member. The estate is not too complicated - some accounts and a house. I need to track expenditures from the accounts until everything is settled and would like to keep it as separate as possible from my own records. The expenditures I foresee are: memorial service, medical, attorney, house-related.

How do I set up accounts for this? I saw a reference to creating a new data file, but am unsure what that means. If a new data file would keep my personal data separate from estate data, I would really like that.

Thank you for any guidance.


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    Yes you can have more than one data file.  They are completely separate.  Go up to File-New Quicken File.  I think Mac is the same as Windows to start a new file.  You can only have 1 file open at a time.  You can switch between them.  Each data file has their own accounts in it.  

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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