Closed Chase credit card activity not loading

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I have a chase account that was closed recently due to fraud. Now quicken will not download all the prior transaction from this account? There is a period missing. From the time when I did the downloads to when the account was closed. Is there a way to manually add these transaction or get quicken to download the missing 3 months?


  • Jon
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    If the account was just recently closed you should still be able to download transactions, but you might have to go into your account settings on the Chase web site and un-hide the account if you can't see it. Once you're able to see the account on the web site, select the account, change the "Showing" pulldown to cover the time period you're looking for, then click on the down arrow on the right and select the Quicken Web Connect option:
    You can import the downloaded file into Quicken. You might have to do multiple downloads to get all the transactions you want.

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