Help! "Upgraded to 6.10 from 6.9 and now Quicken won't work :(

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Routine update. Details attached. The app isn't open on a different computer, just the one I always use.


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    If you can't open your Quicken file, try opening a recent backup. To see your backups, go to the File menu in Quicken and select Show Backups in Finder; in the Finder window open the Automatic Backups folder.

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    The cause was user error on my part (as usual!). My Quicken file resides on an encrypted .dmg file. The .dmg ran out of space with recurring automatic backups. This caused a) the nonsensical error messages above and b) a failure of automatic backups for the last month (even tho the program ran fine until the upgrade today).

    But a plea to the Quicken engineers: please protect us from our dumb mistakes and write an error message saying that one has run out of disk space in this scenario.

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