One Step never completing

I have had this issue in the past and am getting really frustrated with Quicken, it just seems to be getting worse and worse in stability all the time.

This latest episode started this past week when I opened Quicken to a message from Quicken stating that the Pending Transaction feature was being removed due to customer complaints. I did experience many issues with the pending feature with dates and balances.
After opening Quicken, my balances were way off. My credit card showed a huge overpayment balance, and my checking account was overstated by thousands of dollars as well. It took me hours to fix this, and I still do not know where the missing transactions are in my checking account. I had to put in a "plug" transaction and move on.
The next time I opened Quicken, the update told me I had to reauthorize all my bank accounts. This hung up on every try and I could only do one account at time. After each one Update never finished, even after leaving it for hours, and I had to reboot.
After 3 of these events all the bank accounts are linked again except one that will not see the existing account already in Quicken and will only allow me to Add a new one, which I did not do.
NOW, the One Step Update will not complete and every time I run it I get a windows message that the program is not responding. I have to use Task Manager to close the program and reopen.
But now I cannot update my accounts at all.
Are you going to release a fix to the fix you just did for Pending Features that has caused my software to be unusable????
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