Can't delete scheduled transaction (Q Mac)

The scheduled transaction is entered automatically on the date I set and I can't change or delete for future entries, only edit details of what was already posted, or delete that particular entry. IMHO the memorized transaction feature of older quicken versions was way more user friendly.
Mac deluxe 6.10.0


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    Starting from the bottom of your message: the memorized transaction feature is still there. It is called QuickFill transactions. Click menu Window > Payees & Rules, then the QuickFill Rules tab. Here you can create, delete or edit QuickFill rules. You can also create a new QuickFill rule from a selected transaction by clicking menu Transactions > Save QuickFill Rule.

    Regarding scheduled transactions: you can only change the date or amount of a future scheduled transaction without marking it as paid or deposited. For any other changes, you must first mark the future transaction as paid or deposited.

    You can also most certainly delete a scheduled transaction. To mark a future transaction as paid/deposited, or edit or delete all instances, you need to double click the transaction. A blue bar will appear below the transaction giving you these options:

    Perhaps you're not seeing the future scheduled transactions and therefore you can't double click it? In order to see future transactions in the register, click the small clock icon at the top right  and change Don't Show Reminders to one of the other options. I like to use Next One Due. You can also see all your scheduled transactions for all accounts by clicking Bills & Income > Projected Balances. Here you will have the same options to mark, edit or delete these transactions.
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