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Navy Federal Credit Union transaction download workaround

James Blunt
James Blunt Member ✭✭
I've been frustrated for quite some time at Quicken for Mac's inability to download transactions on my NFCU credit cards. After the 2FA, it would always fail to complete. What I have found for me is this workaround.

1. Do a One Step Update. Quicken will ask for a 2FA method for the NFCU accounts. Request and enter the code. It will fail. After it fails, cancel or close that window.
2. Select a NFCU account in the left sidebar, then click on Accounts, Update Selected Online Account in the Main Menu (top of window).
3. Normal update will download any new transaction in all NFCU accounts (I'm assuming this, as it downloads both my credit cards), which can then be reviewed. If Quicken asks for another 2FA, cancel it.

A failed 2FA attempt followed by an update of the individual NFCU account works every time for me. I'm assuming it will also work for other NFCU accounts. Hope that helps others with this problem!
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