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qfx import creates new account

cfischy Member ✭✭
Due to the broken online transaction sync with Citibank, I've been trying to export a .qfx from my Citi credit card account and then use the "Import transactions from Bank website" function when viewing that account's register. When I use this function, Quicken creates a new "Line of Credit at Citibank" account and imports the transactions to that new account instead of importing them into the account from which I initiated the import. This is adding insult to injury regarding the issues with syncing my Citi accounts.

I now have to manually add each transaction to my register which is a big time sink or import all the transactions to a new account, delete the ones that I previously imported and transfer the remaining transactions back to the account I'm trying to sync (which is also a big time sync).

Thanks for any help you can provide.


  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Only suggestion I have is to do kind of the opposite of what you describe. That is, instead of copying the transactions from the new account to the existing one, copy all the non-duplicate transactions from the existing account to the new one. Then delete the existing account. Hopefully going forward, when you import another QFX file, Quicken will then recognize that this new account is the correct target.

    Do make sure you make a backup of your file before attempting this in case anything gets messed up.
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