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Bank of America Download Transactions No Longer Works

Linda L
Linda L Member
:s I'm not trying to Bill Pay or Transfer funds in Quicken. I'm trying to do what I've always done and download the transactions from the bank into Quicken. Quicken will NEVER be a bank and I could care less about their services. It is a great electronic check register that keeps me up to date with everything that posts to my bank each day. If I can no longer do that then they can keep their annual subscription I was forced to start paying and I'll start using paper again. This is crazy! I called the bank they said you have to call Quicken but oh yeah, they aren't open on the weekends so I guess we are all expected to take time off work to help them fix their darned software update errors now. I'm beyond frustrated with this change. No warning about the banks changing things and that they wouldn't be able to make it work in time. I've verified my main account and it downloaded for me, ONE ACCOUNT, not all accounts. I went in to reset the connection from Direct Connect to Webconnect+ on the next account and it won't let me. It found the account I linked it and no download, instead it had me to verify it again. I did this 3 times then called the bank tech support. If this is something we'll have to do to download transactions for every account every day and wait for these security codes, etc they can keep it. They'll be losing a lot of customers if they don't allow us to at least download transactions all in one process. ARGHHH


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