How to budget saving equal monthly payments in Quicken for an annual Payment?

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Question: I want to take money from a Main account and put it in a Payment account each month. From here I want to increase the balance in this account by 1/12 of the annual payment due for any annual bill. I also want to be able to see these monthly payments in my budget each month (I do not need to see the annual payment in the budget)

I am trying to see if the example I have below it was is generally done in accounting or if there is another way that is more acceptable.

Save $150 each month towards upcoming annual payments of $600 to the insurance company and $1400 to taxes.
(Note: I have to do this for a lot of accounts, but keeping it simple)

Literally, transfer $150 from Bank linked Main Checking Account (MCK) to the Bank Linked Payment Checking Account (PCH). (I have two physical accounts)

MCK = -150
PCK = +150

Now, do I create two more (non-bank linked) savings accounts (one Insurance and one Taxes) and manually transfer the money from PCK to each of them? +50 to Insurance Account (IACCT) +100 to Taxes (TACCT) each month.

PCK = transactionally it shows 0 (But in the bank, there is still +150 in this account - this is where I am getting confused)
IACCT = +50 – Category Insurance
TACCT = +100 – Category Taxes

After 12 months

MCK = -1800
PCK = 0 (Though in the bank it shows 1800)
IACCT = 600
TACCT = 1200

Make Annual Payment to the Insurance

First - (Move 600 from IACCT to PCK)

PCK = 600
TACCT = 1200

Second – Pay $600 to the Insurance Company from PCK, reducing the actual funds in bank for PCK from $600 to 0

PCK = 0
TACCT = 1200


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    Never mind, found my answer....Quicken has not provided the Windows solution in Quicken for Mac. (Savings Goals....).....
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