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How should the Action field be used in Bills section

Not real sure how this field name Action can is used when creating a Bill. Can you advise how one can utilize this field. Seems it is a custom field unless I mistakenly deleted default values.

Thank in advance.


  • Jon
    Jon SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    edited October 2022
    Do you mean the Action field under Tag/Memo/Action? Some of my bills have something in that field, probably because there was already something in the Action field of the transaction that I told Quicken to schedule. If you don't use the Action field in your account registers, then I don't think there's any need to do anything with it for your bills either. I ignore it.

    Looking at my account registers, the Action field has values like PAYMENT, DEBIT, CREDIT, CHECK, DEP, DIRECTDEP, and so on. Just to give you some idea of what can wind up there. These values are coming from the financial institution when I sync, I'm not putting them there.

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  • jobworker
    jobworker Mac Beta Beta
    When downloading transactions, some get filled in by the type of transaction they are.  As an example, my HOA withdraws money from my account via the American Clearing House (ACH) which automatically is filled in the Action field as ACH.  And, as @Jon says you can select your choice in the Tag/Memo/Action field in the Bills & Income section (...)/Edit All Instances. 
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