Weekly Budgets that Roll Up Into a Monthly and then a Yearly

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Apologize if this has been talked about as I searched and did not find it in the community.

My wife and I currently have a spreadsheet that tracks our weekly paychecks and what bills have to be paid that week. The weeks are tabs. Then there is a tab for the month where it rolls up all the weekly tabs into an overall picture. And that is where it stops as when I attempted to create a yearly tab that rolled up the months, it tanked my computer with memory issues and never fully worked.

So my question is, is there a way to create this in Quicken where I can set up weekly budgets for the month that would roll up into a monthly budget that then rolls up into a year. When I look all I can create (that I can see) is a budget that is a full year and only as deep as the month not the weeks.


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    Monthly budgeting is the only option.

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