Why are many of my newly cleared checking transactions not downloading from TD Bank?

Win Subscription/ Ver R43.20.
There has been at least one Q update since this problem started (a couple of months ago?), but the issue continues. Some or all newly cleared checking transactions are often not downloading during One Step Update. Sometimes the update window states a number of transactions but the number of transactions that download does not match. Sometimes the number matches but is not all the newly cleared transactions shown in my bank account. No error messages. Obviously I'm not going to reconcile every time I download, and it's making me very uneasy as I don't know if my register is correct until I do! Very frustrating! I posted this last month, then made a comment to it (as I could not edit) and for some reason the discussion was just closed - I don't know by whom, but I still don't have an answer. I thought maybe the issue was doing the update before 6 a.m. (GMT -5), but I just did one at 6:30 on Tuesday (bank is updated from weekend), and none of my now-cleared transactions made since Friday were in the update. A few from Friday showed up, but there also was no number/amount of transactions listed in the update window as normally would happen. I have found that if I wait until the NEXT day after the problem, the transactions usually show up. But is it all of them? I have not installed any updates since I posted about this originally. Thank you.
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