Continuous CC-800 errors

damo Member ✭✭
By looking through this board I'm far from the only one experiencing this issue. I've had a dozen or more online accounts that I've been successfully using for years without many problems. In the last few months things have gotten really bad in my experience with Quicken. One day all of my accounts will update fine, the next today (like today) I have 5 banks with 12 accounts all showing CC-800 errors. I did not restore from backup. I do know how to manually disable the online service and then reassociate it by 'Add new account', but the point is this takes a lot of time and is completely unacceptable.

Over the last couple weeks it has happened to every one of my online accounts, randomly on any given day, and many accounts multiple times.

Quicken - can you please do something to fix these common problems so many of us are experiencing ?
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