Interbank transfer not allowed and mistakenly said to be Intrabank transfer

I have some interbank transfers every month to move money from my checking account to the bank's mortgage account. Quicken does not let me put transfer in the check field. It pops up an alert that says "Account does not support Intra-Bank Transfer". The rest of the transaction is exactly that, a transfer to the mortgage account. The check number field should allow the word Transfer just like it allows ACH.


  • RickO
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    Certain words (eg. Transfer, Send) in the check number field are used by Quicken as an indication to trigger the movement of money in the real world via Direct Connect online banking. So no, for an account that does not support intra-bank transfer via Direct Connect, you cannot (and should not be able to) put the word Transfer in the check number field.

    That said, there are other ways that you can make the transfer stand out. (1) you can add the Action column to the register, and put the word Transfer there, and (2) you can turn on the Transfer column in the register. The latter column will show the transfer account (in addition to it showing in brackets in the category column).
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