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Hello Quicken Community,

Another budget woe... I have two paychecks listed in my budget under "Paychecks." The amounts listed on the budget do not equal that of the net deposit from the register. When I click on the blue hyperlinked text to look at the transactions, it shows transactions from both paychecks. It also says "Items budgeted elsewhere" and the amount that is equal to the two amounts from the other paycheck. I have confirmed that each paycheck has its own categories and I have searched "elsewhere" for where those items might be budgeted. I welcome your advice!


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    In the paycheck transactions in your checking account, are you tracking Net Amount only, without any deductions, or are you tracking Gross Pay plus/minus detailed splits for tax, retirement contributions, deductions, etc.?
    If the latter, you need to include all these categories on your budget individually.
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