Price History chart adjusting incorrectly for stock split

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One of my ETFs had a 2 for 1 stock split on march 7 th. The price history chart is dividing the pre split price by 4 instead of 2. If I delete the stksplt transaction the price history chart is dividing the pre split prices by 2, even though there is no stksplit entered.

The actual price history is correctly reflecting the actual prices of the day both pre and post stock split. It's just the chart that is wrong.

How can I correct this? I've tried deleting and stksplit and reentering that did not help


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    You need to keep the Stock Split transaction, but you only need it once in one of the accounts. Stock Split transactions apply to all investment accounts, if you hold the same stock in more than one account.
    The date of this transaction needs to match the date where the brokerage downloaded its stock split info. But, if they downloaded Add Shares transactions, delete them. You can have a Stock Split transaction or an Add Shares transaction, but not both.
    Edit and delete incorrect Price History entries. Sometimes the quote service recalculates price incorrectly around the days of the split.
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    I only have this ETF in one account and I only have one stock split transaction for this etf. The prices in price history are correct. It is the price history chart on the security details page that is incorrect. If you unselect the adjust for spilts check box the chart is correct. When you select the adjust for split the pre split prices are divided by 4 in stead of by 2.
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    Thanks I double-checked the date I used which corresponded to the date that the split prices started coming in against my brokerage statement. Schwab posted the transaction a few days later and must have downloaded that information to Quicken. I changed the date on the transaction to match to posting date in Schwab, deleted the bad prices and that fixed the problem.
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    What I suspect is going on -- you have a hidden stock split record within your price history records for that ETF.  When you then record a StckSplit transaction in your account transaction list a few days different than that hidden data, Quicken understands it to be two splits both at a 2-for-1 ratio.  

    To confirm this, I would:
    1. delete the StkSplit transaction in your transaction list.
    2. Look at the price history graph limited to the month of March 
    3. See that the graph adjusts properly as the Split Adjust box is checked/unchecked and take note of what date that split applies.  Ideally, you would have daily prices for the time period before and after the actual split.
    That should confirm that the hidden information is there on a specific data
    1. Enter your StkSplit transaction on that date
    2. Confirm that the price history graph still shows and behaves properly.  

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