HEADS UP; BofA Service...Downgrade

denmarfl Member ✭✭✭✭
Now that BofA has dumped DC, today since DC was Turned off I went into a pay a Bill at BofA Website.  I have been paying this same bill for over 10 years thru Quicken...its lead time has been 3 Business days...BofA mails a check to this payee...it a single person, Not a company (and yes, Zelle could be used this payee does not wish to use Zelle).  As i wrote, paying this bBill for the 1st time...since DC was turned off...and Now the lead time has gone from 3 Days to 6 Days.  When I called BofA...why no Notice to customers....they had no answer anyone here would accept.  I was told Mailing lead times could vary month to month...really?  How would you know the lead Times?????  There was no dispute regarding Check payee going from 3 to 6 Business days as the BofA Agent looked back on the Payee and saw it had been 3 days.  Real the truth...BofA for whatever reason chnaged the lead Times on Check paying Payees, did not think we were impoertna tenough to be made of aware of the chnage...and did not even bother to Alert the agents in the Online Support team.  

So they dump DC, my connection times with Quicken are now Much longer than DC...it takes me longer to do my banking...entry work at Website and Quicken, and checking paying payees Lead time doubled.   When you call BofA we all here we are valued customers...sorry, I don't feel valued at all.  
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