Quicken failures after R44.28

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This morning Quicken Deluxe failed to open, forced me to renew my membership (3 months early) to move past the 'expired' notice screen, and required me to install a backup file. Now Update will only access a single American Express credit card - no banks, no other cards, no investments. Am I the only one having such problems?


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    what Release ..... Help --> About Quicken 
    guessing it might be R44.28 ?

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  • Correct - R44.28
  • Update issues are unchanged since yesterday. Friends at Quicken, how about you fix this issue with R44.28 as soon as possible?
  • Did a complete reinstall, including manually deleting Quicken folder and wiping registry. No change - still will only run Update on Amex card - nothing else.
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    Have you tried signing out from your Quicken ID and back in again and then running OSU?
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  • Finally got it working again. The solution turned out to be to make a backup with a different name and opening the re-named backup file - so it must have been a corrupt file. I still think it was caused by the R44.28 update though.
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