Ongoing Chase Issues - and Quicken says there nothing that can be done

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I've spent multiple sessions an tedious hours with customer support but they have finally given up on me. After 15 years of using Quicken without issue I have lost the ability to download from Chase after the recent upgrade. The final answer from support was they are unable to do anything further and I need to start a new Quicken file (what about my 15 years of data guys.....).
They have determined the problem to be two transactions from 5 years ago (about $5 worth) that they can't clear properly from the Online Center and reconcile and say the issue is the data is corrupt. A good programmer would be able to code their way around this issue as a bug fix but I am left high and dry. I now have to go onto daily and download the QFX files which update absolutely perfectly - it's just very time consuming and frustrating. Everything else in Quicken works like normal for me.


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    Have you considered this?
    • Create a new checking account register in Quicken, as of 10/31
    • Move all November and future transactions to the new register.
    • Transfer the balance from old to new register
    • Change all reminders to use the new register
    • Do not set up or link online bills with the new account register. Unlink all existing online bills. You can't use Online Bill Pay thru Quicken any longer.
    • Reconcile the old register. Mark it closed.
    • Activate the new register for downloading with One Step Update.
    That problem you are complaining about should stay behind in the old register and not affect your new one. Theoretically...
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