iOs Categorization Creating QuickFill Rules

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This has to be a bug.

My wife is updating transaction categories on her phone (iOs) and all of her changes are generating QuickFill rules in the Mac desktop app. So she makes one change for one transaction for one vendor and every subsequent transaction is being auto-categorized. Yesterday I deleted 144 QuickFill rules. Today there were 25 new ones.

Anyone else?


  • Austin@
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    This is one of the most annoying bugs for me. I know it has been brought up before on the community, but there has yet to be any resolution or acknowledgement of the issue from Quicken's end as far as I can tell. I really wish it behaved like the desktop did where you have the option to create a QuickFill rule when saving a transaction, but right now it saves a new QuickFill rule for every single transaction that you edit. Very frustrating.
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