BUG: Invisible credit card credits when saved as Income

Blastphemy Unconfirmed ✭✭✭✭
My AMEX card gives me a monthly credit of $6.00 towards an online subscription. When I try to add this to Bills & Income, it either doesn't work, works incorrectly, or works but is hidden.

I believe this is only a bug when one has already set up a Bill transaction series for the Payee, separate from the Income series for the credit.

1) Set up a recurring automatic monthly Bill payment for a Payee.

2) Go to Bills & Income, click "Income," click "+ New Income," enter that same Payee, enter a Category, and then enter an amount. Mark it to be entered "Automatically" and click "Continue." Then select "Monthly" and set the day of the month to start. Then finish by clicking "Save" (and then "Skip and Close" on the 'Want to make payments to this payee?' dialog).

3) Look in your list of Income "Payees" – You shouldn't see any new entry for the Payee you just added for the monthly credit.

4) Click on "Bills." – You should only see the monthly Bill entry for that Payee, not the Income one.

Click on "Projected Balances" – You should see that new Income entry in the list of upcoming transactions, along with the Bill entry you also set up for the same Payee.

If you've been able to reproduce the above, then you've seen the bug: If an Income series has the same Payee as a Bill series, you won't see that series under Income; you'll only see it under Projected Balances." This doesn't seem to happen when I create an Income series for a Payee without a Bill series, even if the Category is an Expense.

In order to modify or cancel that Income series, you'll need to right click on it while in the Project Balances view and select "Edit Schedule"; or click on the next chronological transaction for that Income series, press the 'Delete' key, and select "Delete this series of scheduled transactions."

What would really be nice is if I could enter a CREDIT on a Bill series (like I could in QMac 2007). For example, I create a monthly "bill" for a Payee, but then enter "-$5.00" (a negative number) for the amount. This would allow me to see both the Bill series for that Payee and the monthly promotional credit I also receive. Then I wouldn't have to jump back and forth between Bills and Income, or have to look at the Projected Balances tab.


  • UKR
    UKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    If you gave the credit reminder a different Payee Name, e.g., "AmEx Subscription Credit" ... what would happen?
  • Blastphemy
    Blastphemy Unconfirmed ✭✭✭✭
    As noted above, the bug only happens when I use the same Payee for both the Bill and the Income series.

    Using a different Payee Name creates a new Payee, which is problematic when running transaction reports.
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