Commerce Bank - TreasuryDirect Account. CC-501 & CC-502 Trying to add account.

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Does anyone know if the issue with the CC-501 & CC-502 errors have been corrected with Commerce Bank -TreasuryDirect? At first I was getting CC-502 for two days, called Q-Support they said to wait 1 more day. That Next day I received the CC-501 error. Today is the 24hr window for the CC-502 error and still getting the error this morning. Thanks


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    I have been getting the CC-502 Connection Problem message since Oct 25th when I open the account. The error message says to 'Please try again in a few hours...' Sigh... Hope they are really working on the issue(s).
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    I don't think this actually works for creating a connection to Treasury Direct -
    I'm not sure why or how that bank would create an entry as a portal to Treasury Direct.
    I tried and it got so far as to possibly access my TD account and send me an email for a 1-time passcode, which I entered and then nothing.....   there are a few other topics posted on the same "TreasuryDirect" heading -
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    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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