Why are bank reconciliation not working now?

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Bank reconciliations are suddenly not working. Accounts are reconciled monthly without issue, now there are duplicate transactions from 2 years ago. Also, transactions within the reconciliation period will not pull into the rec. What is up with this?


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    Problem solved by Miguel at Customer Support. I had an incorrect date for the the reconciliation period.
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    Hi @Jlew

    Can you provide us with some additional information so that we can better help you?

    Please tell us:
    • which version of Quicken are you currently running?
    • is this for one account or more?  If one, what is the name of the financial institution?
    • are the "duplicate transactions" that you are seeing:
    • - limited to 1 account or more that one account?
    • - to one financial institution or more than one?
    Also can you give us some more information on what I will call the "timing issue" where "transactions within the reconcile period will not pull into the rec."

    Specifically - is this also a recent event or something that you have seen before?  And generally - is it safe to say that ALL of these recent problems are related to your doing reconcilation issues?

    Get back to us and we'll go from there.


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