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Two Budgets, Two Color Schemes? (Q Mac)

studhawk1 Member
:/ Two budgets I made have opposite colors: the first one shows income in green (logical); the second one shows income in red, expenses in green. What did I do wrong?


  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    It's hard to say-we can't see how you have setup your 2 budgets. :smile:

    In general, Green=Above goal for income/below for Expenses, and Red vice versa.

    But, how you have your Preferences chosen for that budget (to Show Actual versus Show Remaining) will impact which color they show. Examine that first. I assume your goals are all the same.

    I think if you go spelunking into the budget setup, the difference will likely become apparent. 

  • Thanks for encouraging the additional "spelunking!" I think I see the issue: I have "budgeted" amounts, but no actual, since it is a projected budget with nothing expenses. Thus, the income shows "red" and the expenses show "green."
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