zombie manual bill reminder in "Bill and Income Reminders" - how do you kill this thing?

i have an issue with a manual bill reminder in the "Bill and Income Reminders" which has the following: {status = done}, {Due = None}, {#Left = 0}. in the "action" column, it is indicated as (Auto). the "action" column buttons to "edit" or "skip" do not respond. when i try to delete this reminder i get an error message of "Could not delete item". i have run the "Validate File" and this does not fix the issue. please advise on how to kill this undead bill reminder!


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    search of potentially related "bill and income reminders" issues for reference: https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7920522/why-do-my-bill-and-income-reminders-get-stuck-in-red-auto-status
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    validation and repair log portion copied below:

    Validating your data.
    Quicken found a damaged scheduled reminder and removed it. Please check your scheduled reminders by going to Tools>Manage Bills and Income Reminders.

    The old file was corrupt and only some of the data has been recovered.

    All internal consistency checks passed.

    [Sat Oct 29 09:30:57 2022]
    1 damaged scheduled transactions deleted
    Maximum security reference: 71, number of securities: 71.
    Analyzing securities.

    Number of old style Buy/Cash/Transfer investment transactions updated: 4/0/0
    No out-of-range security references found.

    Validation has completed.
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    quicken verion info for reference:
    Version: R44.28
    Build: 27.144.28

    Windows 10 Home
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    note that file size is likely somewhat bigger than typical user in case there is some kind of limitation there:
    174 MB
  • irascible
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    sanity check of computer suggests nothing fundamentally wrong with the computer:
    no limits due to RAM size as never exceeding ~40% of the RAM capacity
    SSD drive is new, doesn't report any errors, is not spending any significant time reading/writing
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    Since you have done a Validate, do these reminders still show in Tools / Manage Bill & Income Reminders?
    With a little luck, they should be gone.
    If not, select one to highlight it. Click "Delete" in the Menu bar. If you get an error, try Shift+"Delete" and/or CTRL+"Delete"
    Rinse and repeat.
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    UKR, thanks for the suggestions.
    alas, the following did no work:
    "Delete" in the menu bar = "Could not delete item"
    selecting the reminder with mouse then shift+"Delete" = "Could not delete item"
    selecting the reminder with mouse then ctrl+"Delete" = "Could not delete item"
    selecting the reminder with mouse and right clicking has no menu as seen on 'working' reminders
    profanity = no result but that doesn't mean it won't work if i keep trying!
    perhaps there is some mystical incantation?
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