Why isn't "other income" reported in taxable income year YTD?

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Not sure if I am doing something incorrectly, but other income does not show up in this taxable income drop down. It does show on the Tax Planner and the Projected Tax drop down.


  • GeoffG
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    To get Other Income to be taxable, you need to tell Quicken how you want the tax item to be set. Go into Categories and select Other Income, you will see the following screen to set to however you want the tax represented.

    I would also suggest setting up another "other income" category for non taxable income items. I use Misc. Income.

  • hmday
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    thanks for responding. I have assigned the other income to the 1099 tax line as you suggested. Also it does so up properly in the Tax Planner and on the drop down menu above it Projected Tax. It does show on the drop down Taxable Income
  • Bob_L
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    Note that box is YTD and not annual.  Assume you have verified that there should in fact be other income there?  If so you may want to dig into the particular transactions that you know should be hitting that line now to see if there is anything about the categorization that might be causing the problem. Otherwise may be a file problem.  Have you validated your file recently?

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