American Express Account - Account List $ and Account Balance in Register is not in synch.

The amount showing on the account list for AMEX is not the same as the balance showing in the register. This has been a consistent problem for the last several months. Sometimes when I reconcile it wants to do and "adjustment, but I have balanced with the statement. The amount showing on the account is the incorrect one. Any suggestions for a fix on this?


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    Hi @WillyG

    Can you give us some more information about this problem?

    Is the difference between the register balance and the account list balance always the same or does it change over time?  For Amex cards typically there is both an online balance and an ending balance at the bottom of the register- are both of those correct for this account and if not, which one are you talking about in your post above when you said "the amount showing on the account is the incorrect one"?   Anfd finally - just to make sure I understand - when you reference the "Account List" are you talking about the bar listing account balances that appears typically on the home page?


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