Solution to Discover Card not downloading transactions

One of my two Discover Card accounts stopped downloading transactions recently, despite the fact that my other Discover Card account and fifteen Discover Bank accounts continued to download transactions. I found that the problem account was set up as "Discover Bank" as the institution. Once I changed it to "Discover Card Account Center" (to match the Discover Card account that was successfully downloading), I was able to download transactions again. I may have had to disable/enable the account before the downloads started back up (sorry, I had done several disable/enable cycles while attempting to solve the problem and don't recall if I did one between change the institution and the downloads resuming.)


  • jtcrawf55
    jtcrawf55 Member ✭✭✭
    Hello, how do you 'Change the Institution' from Discover Bank to Discover Card Account Center? When I go to reset the account there is nothing to show how to change it.
  • jtcrawf55
    jtcrawf55 Member ✭✭✭
    Oops, never mind, I found the solution. Tools -> Add Account. Selected Discover Card and linked successfully.
  • armstrd
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    Thank you dan seay!!! I knew something was fishy with the Discover Card account but the bank transactions were downloading ok. Used your fix today and all is well. Thank you. (p.s. had to deactivate online services first then add account)
  • MintUserNew
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    edited December 2022
    Thank you for this. It helped me get closer. However, it is still pulling up the account with the previous credit card number, before we saw some fishy activity and had the account number changed (4 months ago). It's not seeing the current account number.
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