Is there a read only option of Quicken ?

Every year since at least 2005 I've created an archive of my quicken data and cleared the older transactions from the current data file. Is there a way to convert these older archives to the current data structure and open them for review without Quicken trying to sync up the file and add transactions to the archive?

I could really use a feature like this around tax time and at other times when looking for historical financial information.


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    why do you archive the data? if you didn't archive then all the data would be readily available.

    To me, archiving is a rellect of the early days of Quicken where there really wasn't a lot of hard drive storage space as the Quicken file got larger.  I began using Quicken in 1994 and archived each year's data, but stopped doing that in 2001, as the personal computer hard drives and RAM got larger.  

    My point is I really think it was set up originally because of hardware limitations that is no longer the case.  I have all my data from 2001 forward in one file with no issues - comes in quite handy to look up someting from years ago and don't need to remember which year it occured in,

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    No. There is not a read-only mode.  It is unfortunate that the archive older file automatically enters the scheduled transactions it had in place when last used.

    You can certainly copy that archive to a new file name and open the new name. Your original stays as it was and you trash the copy when you are done.

    It is possibly a good idea to update each archive file to a recent Quicken format so that you keep access to that info. It can sometimes be a problem to open an old file with a new program version.  In doing that update, you could delete all the scheduled transactions to minimize your basic issue.

    Overall, I consider that archive process counter-productive. I keep all my data in one file - back to the early 90s. 
  • DaveB-9174
    It was for the hardware limitations that I originally started archiving. Since then I keep my data in an encrypted file on my NAS but since Quicken doesn’t support network locations for the data file I have to mount the file as a shared drive. Each time you mount the file it decrypts, the larger the file the longer the decryption takes, so to manage performance I continue to archive.
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