Discover Card eBill not downloading

Because the Mac version's bill reminder feature doesn't let you choose Current Credit Card Account Balance as the bill amount (unlike the Windows version), I am trying out the eBill feature, hoping that the bill reminder will show the amount based on the credit card statement. I was able to successfully link my Discover credit card's eBill. That was almost a month ago. My credit card statement generated on Nov. 4, so 4 days ago (which had a $0 balance) -- yet, the bill reminder is still showing Oct. 4 statement's balance of $1500.

Why isn't Quicken downloading the latest Nov. 4 eBill from Discover Card? Bill History shows something weird like the attached. There is only Oct. 4 bill. I don't know where Oct. 5 bill came from.


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    About your Bill Manager issues

    My 2cents' worth, if I may:

    I don't use Bill Pay services or Bill Manager at all, neither the one from Quicken nor the one offered by my bank. Since time "B.I." (before the Internet was invented) I have set up almost all of my recurring payments as Direct Debit, PAC Draft, Autopay, APS, whatever the biller calls it. Using the biller's website, I authorized the biller to electronically debit each payment directly from my checking or credit card account on due date. Now I can sit back, relax and wait for it to happen. Instead of  having to arm-wrestle Bill Manager into making payment on time I let the biller do all the work for me.

    When I get notified of a new statement having arrived, usually by email, all I have to do in Quicken is to run a regular scheduled reminder to record the transaction. Haven't missed a payment in many years.

    I recommend you do the same instead of fighting the Bill Manager windmill, missing payments and getting slapped with penalty interest rates or late fees.

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